Red, White & Blue Makeup Inspiration.

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to pop in and say I hope you all have an amazing July 4th.

Here’s some Red, White and Blue makeup inspiration for you.

Red, White & Blue Makeup Inspiration

Okay, mostly just Red & Blue but what can you do, hehe.

I’m really digging all of the looks and while I’m normally someone who goes for more of the look on the left I think I may try one of the looks on the right this weekend instead.

What do you think of the looks?



Wellness Wednesday: Vegan Picnic Fun

To kick off the start of summer, last week a friend and I decided to get together and throw a vegan picnic.

There was lots of delicious food and the decor was on fleek (Am I too old for that word, lol?) so I thought I’d share some of that with you today.

If you’re interested in some yummy food, behind the scenes photos and a few decorating ideas then keep reading.


Some of my tips for Summer Entertaining/Picnic Decor are….

1. Tip #1. Use a chalkboard to list the menu. We found this one in the dollar bin at Target for only $3.00.
2. Tip #2. Find a cute glass pitcher to serve the drinks from. Bonus points if it has a chalkboard feature as well.
3. Tip #3. Serve mini desserts, like the carrot cake, in mini mason jars. I mean how cute is that!
4. Tip #4. Add twine bows to as many things as possible, because I mean why not?
5. Tip #5. Wrap sandwiches in parchment or wax paper.
6. Tip #6. Cut brown paper bags down to make small serving sized bags for chips.
7. Tip #7. Use cupcake liners to keep bugs out of your drinks.
8. Tip #8. Freeze fruits like blueberries in ice cube trays to serve in beverages.
9. Tip #9. Be sure to top off the drinks with a cute straw.
10.Tip #10. Have a polaroid type camera on hand (I had my beloved Fuji Instax)to take lots of fun photos with.

But most importantly just enjoy being present.

No seriously!

Okay, instagram it then put away the phone and just enjoy your company and the delicious food.

Speaking of delicious food….

 photo lunch2_zpssuissrin.jpg

L-R: Chips, Chickpea Sandwich & Hummus and Veggie Sandwich.


L-R: Cookies, Strawberries & Carrot Cake.

Okay so now you have your decorations under control what do you make?

Well for our vegan picnic we had goodies like: Watermelon Coconut Water, Chickpea Sandwich, Hummus & Veggie Sandwich, Vegetarian Baked Beans, Pasta Salad, Greek Salad and Chips.

Then for dessert we had Chocolate Chip Cookies, Carrot Cake and lots of fruit like strawberries & blueberries.

Sounds yummy right?

It was!

So what are your best Picnic/Summer Entertaining Tips?

What’s your favorite Picnic food?

I’d love to hear from you and if you’d like to see recipes for anything shown/mentioned in this post head on over to my friends blog here for those.



It Cosmetics Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc Review


I picked up the It Cosmetics Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc back in May and have been pretty much obsessed with it since.



Inside you get a gorgeous highlight, blush and a matte bronzer.


All 3 of the products are highly pigmented and not only that, but they’re also packed with skin-loving ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, acai, green tea and vitamins A, C, & E and free of all of the bad ingredients that make skin appear older like talc.

I mean how can you go wrong with that?

Overall, this has become a daily staple item for me and I highly recommend it.

The bronzer is a gorgeous matte that works well on my fair skin, the blush is the perfect shade and I use the highlighter on my cupids bow, bridge of my nose and on my cheekbones.

Oh and the price is amazing as well I only paid $38.00 for a product that will last me a very long time.

You can purchase it at Ulta or online here.

Have you ever tried this product before?




Salma Hayek Swears by Tepezcohuite Cream and so do I.

Good morning.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Mine was nice and relaxing so that’s always good right?

Salma Hayek Swears by Tepezcohuite Cream and so do I.

Today I wanted to tell you all about a new skincare ingredient and product I’ve been loving lately.

So a couple of years ago I read an article about Salma Hayek and how she swore by this ingredient called Tepezcohuite for anti aging.

I made a mental note to look into it, but never did.

Then a few weeks ago I came across this article on Elle where once again she was praising the ingredient.

She said:

“I use an ingredient called Tepezcohuite that’s used in Mexico for burn victims because it completely regenerates the skin, and there’s no one in the States who is using this ingredient except for us,” Hayek tells me. “Some of the ingredients, when I took them to the American labs, they were like ‘Oh my god! How come nobody is using this?’ This is why I have no Botox, no peels, no fillings. I’m 48. I will be 49 this year and I only use my creams.”

So what is Tepezcohuite?

Tepezcohuite (mimosa tenuiflora) is a long held beauty secret that is derived from Mexico’s “skin tree”. For thousands of years, Tepezcohuite was used by the Mayans to treat numerous types of skin lesions. Since then, Mexico has used this powerful plant as a natural remedy for aging skin. As a powerful collagen stimulator & cellular regenerator, Tepezcohuite works miracles in effectively smoothing & improving the complexion. It is also a great remedy for irritated skin, as a result of its many healing properties. For this reason, Tepezcohuite powder was used during the aftermath of the 1986 earthquake in Mexico City. It successfully improved the healing rate and results of over 5000 burn victims. Powdered tepezcohuite tree bark contains a large percentage of Tannins which act as natural astringents and help stop bleeding. In addition, Tepezcohuite also contains Flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Salma looks amazing for her age so after reading that article I set out to see what products I could find that used the ingredient.

That’s when I found the Natural Green Brands Tepez Cream on amazon and decided to order it.

Well after using the product for only 2 weeks or so now I’m sold.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen such quick results with any product before.

I use it twice a day as a moisturizer and also on stretch marks, scars and dark spots to fade them and I love it.

My skin is more moisturized and youthful looking and I believe it is helping to fade the stretch marks and scars as well.

Seriously for the price I think I paid 18.99 on amazon you can’t beat it.

A must have product for anti aging in my opinion.

You can also purchase the cream here for $22.00.

Anyone else ever try tepezcohuite before?




Wellness Wednesday: Neti Pot Love


Have you ever heard of the Neti Pot?

I first heard about it around 7-8 years ago when a friend of mine, who happens to be a nurse, was using it and I asked her what in the world she was doing.

She spent the next 15 minutes teaching me all about the neti pot and how amazing it was for allergy sufferers.

I suffer from allergies as well as sinus infections so I said oh I may have to try that sometime and then went on about my business.

Well the next day to my surprise my friend gifted me a neti pot, I tried it and the rest is history.

I used it every 3-4 days for years and honestly my sinus and allergy problems were so much better.

Then one day I quit using it and it got packed away and forgotten about.

Fast forward to today….

I’m dealing with a horrible sinus infection and nothing seems to be helping.

Then my husband reminded me of the Neti Pot and I rescued it from storage.

I used it right away and now that I’ve found it again I plan on using it every few days for ever.

Like seriously.

I can’t believe I ever stopped using it to begin with.

To learn how to use it I recommend the video below.

Oh and before you think this is some crazy hippie thing I’ve made up (like certain friends and family haha) Dr. Oz recommends it as well.

Click here to learn why Dr.Oz gave the neti pot the best of the best alternative solutions in the allergy category.

To purchase the Neti Pot online and learn more about it you can check out this site.

I am making nothing off links or anything in this post I just really hope this info helps other allergy sufferers out there.

Have you ever tried a Neti Pot?

Would you?



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